Posted By Bill Payer on Nov 5, 2020 | 0 comments

A bit of explanation. We recently got a comment here on our website blog complaining about a link we provided to one of Brian Hicks columns in the Post & Courier celebrating Charleston’s 350th anniversary.

The person commenting was complaining about the article linked to being inaccessible to non-subscribers of the paper. Yes, that can be both annoying and frustrating but the paywall is an important part of a publication’s struggle to survive in a world of dwindling revenue.

So why do we continue such links? It’s a memory prompt to FB and blog readers who ARE Post & Courier subscribers and, less likely, a potential prompt for new subscribers.

Why not simply cut and paste the relevant article? It’s basically theft of intellectual property and a likely violation of copyright law.

So…..sorry for the frustration/aggravation. But we’ll continue to point out interesting material we find elsewhere.

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