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You’ve survived the holidays. You made it through Snowmageddon.  Most of us made it through the College Football Championship game intact.  What’s your next challenge?

How about a thought provoking discussion of both the past and future? 

Daniel Island doesn’t have much in the way of physical reminders of the Antebellum South. There are no plantation mansions complete with slave quarters. But slavery and its legacy do play a role in the Daniel Island of yesterday and today.

History isn’t just a dustbin of memories. It can, and should, be a living breathing part of our daily life and the decisions we make. What we do today and why we do it helps form the “history” that will be studied in the future.

Want a good example? Come to our DIHS program “HISTORIC PRESERVATION AND 21st CENTURY INTERPRETATIONS OF SLAVERY” at 7 pm, Tuesday, January 16 at Daniel Island’s Church of the Holy Cross, 299 Seven Farms Drive.

Joseph McGill

Anne Hanahan Blessing

Historians Joseph McGill and Anne Blessing will lead the discussion about how Daniel Island, as a newer community, can address questions such as What responsibilities do newer communities, and present-day citizens everywhere, have to the past? How ought communities like Daniel Island honor the past even as they grow? What are the challenges, the typical stumbling blocks, etc?

 Sound like an interesting, even challenging evening? Please join us.

Plus all DIHS merchandise will be on sale and both new and renewal memberships will receive a gift!



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