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DIHS entered the Brave New World of 2020 (actually the strange and frequently frightening world of 2020) Tuesday night with a VERY successful presentation using the more secure webinar version of Zoom.

Our speaker was Ed Macy, tour guide, author of Haunted Charleston, and expert on all things spooky in the Lowcountry.  What a perfect choice a week and a half before Halloween!

Macy started by saying he’d never seen a ghost himself but that he’s interviewed more than 750 people who say they have.

He walked us through a list of highlights of Haunted Charleston including a woman who haunts the women’s room at Poogan’s Porch, ongoing issues at a C of C dormitory and the legend of Grayman who warns of incoming hurricanes and protects the property of those who heed his warnings.

Board member Andrew Harris did a terrific job moderating the Zoom webinar and there was ample opportunity for Q&A.  In answer to one of them, Macy said he was unaware of any ghost sightings on Daniel Island and attributed it to the area’s mostly rural, agricultural nature until relatively recently.

The board was all very pleased with the smoothness of the webinar platform and the security it provided against the senseless intrusion we had last month.

We’ll be back!   And we’ll be posting a link to video of tonight’s program soon.

Macy welcomed further questions and  urged everyone to contact him via his website:   https://edmacytours.com/

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