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We had an excellent speaker Tuesday night sharing information on a fascinating and critically important project called the Charleston Justice Journey.

The Charleston Justice Journey (CJJ) is an online interactive research and mapping initiative that highlights sites significant to the African American experience in Charleston and our city’s ongoing journey toward racial equality, while conveying the connection of these sites to the historic built environment. Through this work, the Preservation Society is elevating the contributions of underrepresented communities to provide opportunities for engagement and education. The mapping project is a critical first step in the preservation and protection of the full narrative of Charleston. CLICK HERE for the Preservation Society website.

Anna-Catherine Carroll

Anna-Catherine Carroll, Manager of Preservation Initiatives at the Preservation Society, pointed out her group was the first preservation society in the country….in fact, tomorrow, April 21, marks the 101st birthday of the group’s founding.

The CJJ aims to tell 300+ years of Civil Rights stories in the City and, increasingly, throughout the region.

Among the challenges she cited is that although there are a wealth of archive sources in Charleston, African American records have historically been under collected.  The problem gets even worse as you move into more rural areas off the Peninsula.

But Carroll says her group is increasingly looking at those areas.  Two projects well underway include the Progressive Club on Johns Island and the Keith School in Cainhoy. To learn more about the Progressive Club, CLICK HERE. And for more on the Keith School, CLICK HERE

If you enjoy history and want to better understand where we live, it’s well worth your time to visit the CJJ website and check out their interactive map. CLICK HERE FOR THE MAP and then click on the yellow markers to learn more about each site.

Video of this zoom meeting is now available on YouTube. CLICK HERE

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