A Brief Moment in the Sun

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A Brief Moment in the Sun is a brilliant way to sum up the life of Francis Cardozo and in a biography with the same title, Cardozo gets his turn a century and a half later.

A review of Neil Kinghan’s book in the Sunday Post & Courier sums it up well..”Pity the poor historian these days — especially those who focus on misunderstood eras and discredited personalities. They have to do justice to their topics, but also must contend with attitudes ranging from hostility at worst to indifference at best. But ironically, it’s those entrenched beliefs and erroneous convictions that make these historians’ work all the more necessary. A case in point is Neil Kinghan’s “A Brief Moment in the Sun: Francis Cardozo and Reconstruction in South Carolina.”

Many may correctly associate Cardozo with the early history of the institution now morphed into the Avery Research Center for African American History and Culture at the College of Charleston. But what we’ve not known about Cardozo (until now) is astonishing.”

To read the entire review by Harlan Green CLICK HERE. Non-subscribers to the Post & Courier will encounter a pay wall. But even if you can’t access the entire article, you can still come to hear directly from Neil Kinghan Wednesday evening.

Book talk

WHAT: A Conversation with Neil Kinghan

WHEN: 6 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 20

WHERE: Addlestone Library, Room 127, 205 Calhoun St.

COST: Free

For more on Cardozo and Reconstruction…..

“The lasting impact of Francis Cardozo and the Avery Normal School” Charleston Magazine, February 2020

“Reconstruction Corruption and the Redeemers’ Prosecution of Francis Lewis Cardozo”, University of South Carolina, Scholar Commons, Fall 2001

“After Slavery: Race, Labor, and Politics in the Post-Emancipation Carolinas”, College of Charleston and Lowcountry Digital History Initiative

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