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The three new markers recognize Robert Smalls’ dash to freedom about the seized vessel Planter, The Stono slave rebellion at the Elliot and Rose Plantations, and the Four Hoies swamp which was a refuge for freedom seekers.

Learn more about the underground railroad (neither a rail road, not underground) at the National Park Service website… CLICK HERE

As this map shows, there were many paths to freedom, and they didn’t all lead North! Learn more from the National Geographic Society

And closer to home, the Post & Courier had a front page article about the three new Lowcountry markers…

Since 2020, three sites in South Carolina’s Lowcountry have been added to the network.

“Seizure of the Planter Marker (2021)

Robert Smalls is a familiar name to many in the Lowcountry. And his story plays an integral part in Charleston’s rich history.

During the Civil War, Smalls, an enslaved man in Confederate Charleston, seized the 149-foot transport ship the Planter from a dock near The Battery and sailed it to freedom with his family and several other enslaved people onboard.

A marker in front of the Historic Charleston Foundation said Smalls and six enslaved crewmen took the vessel before dawn when its captain, pilot and engineer were ashore.”

For more on Smalls, the Stono Rebellion and the Four Hole Swamp in the P&C CLICK HERE. Note: non subscribers will encounter a paywall.

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