Our latest History Hero in the spotlight is long overdue but must be dragged into that spotlight protesting she doesn’t deserve the recognition.

In reality, NO one deserves this recognition more than Beth Bush!

Not only is she a co-founder of DIHS (with Mike Dahlman), but there is also simply no one who has worked longer nor more tirelessly than Beth.   When a need arises, she steps up.  When a group officer steps down mid-term, Beth steps up.  That’s why she’s current serving, again, as President while also actively scheduling our monthly public programs as well as member only events!

There is virtually no aspect of who we are or what we do that doesn’t have Beth’s fingerprints on it.  A minor example is part of the introduction of the History Hero pages on our website: “Whenever there’s a great idea for the Daniel Island Historical Society, there’s an excellent chance it comes from Beth Bush.  And surprise! she has another one.”

Would our group have survived without her continuing efforts?  Maybe.  Would it be as vital and relevant as it is today?  ABSOLUTELY, not.  As her DIHS co-founder Mike Dalhlman put it “You are and have been the heart and soul of the DIHS – literally since its founding.” 

No one who knows Beth, or knows DIHS, would disagree.

Although Beth is clearly a person who prefers to avoid the limelight, much less the spotlight, recognition as a DIHS history hero is more than deserved.

Thank you, Beth, for all you do…and all you will, undoubtedly, continue to do.

You are a History Hero!