Great weather. A great setting at Smythe Park.  A great turnout.  Art being created in real time.  Magnificent live oak trees. Live music.  An amazing story teller. Terrific hands on crafts for kids.  A visit from the Daniel Island Garden Club.  Recognition of those who have adopted live oaks and a chance for more to be adopted.   Yep.  Art in the Park 2019 was a huge success.

We kicked off with board member Lee Ann Bain sharing the message “If these trees could talk.  Earlier in the day, Lee Ann and fellow board member Beth Bush, assisted by local students had tied ribbons and put information cards on the 38 live oaks in Smythe Park…20 of which have already been adopted plus another 18 that are available. 


Think you might want to adopt a live oak anywhere on the island?  PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION. 



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ART in the Park drew a great turnout of artists….members of the co-sponsor Art Guild of Daniel Island as well as others.  Artists of every age.  Here are some slide shows following some of our artists through their day, ending with their finished work. 

Chris Dotson

Joyce Erb

Bernadette D’Amore Grygielko

Heather MacQueen Jones

Heather not only contributed a great piece of art, she also put the day in perfect perspective: 

“Under the oaks, here long before us, listening to Lee Ann share their historical tales, I felt as though I was a moment in time among the Etiwan Indians or invited by the Guggenheim’s. Painting en Plein Air, among artists and friends and passers-by, this was an unhurried Saturday with my phone turned off and guitar notes blowing through the breeze.

“Alla Prima” is an artistic term meaning ‘all at once’ or ‘in one sitting.’ The familiar signs of sunburn soak in as I finish the final strokes of oil in my studio, and all the thoughts of the day soak in as well. I began canopied in the shade of the trees, tucked away in a gentle spot talking with Lilly about visiting the open house of our first home on DI right before coming today. It seemed to happen all at once. The sun turned high and things changed. All at once, our tiny acorns grew roots here. All at once, our saplings grew strong. All at once, the wind kicked up and the family tree had a branch that went in its own direction.

It was a blank canvas, now it’s “Our Island Family Trees.

Heather MacQueen Jones

Here are a few more looks at these and other artists who put the ART in Art in the Park. 


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We also had some terrific crafts for kids.  Painting rocks was a huge hit….thanks to our friends from Daniel Island Rocks!


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The kids also spent some time painting birdhouses.


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Plus visitors of all ages enjoyed the story telling, and singing, of the incomparable Ann Caldwell.


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Guitarist Ryan Flannary

The musical contribution of Ryan Flannary added to the party atmosphere.

And our friends from the Daniel Island Garden Club dropped by.


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Brenda Thorn and Bob Sauer

The DIHS project to adopt Daniel Island live oaks and register the trees with  the National Live Oak society was the brainchild of former President Brenda Thorn.  It was fitting that the first certificate thanking tree adoptors was presented to Brenda by board member Bob Sauer who is currently coordinating the program.

Brenda was just the first person thanked as individuals, families, and community organizations were also recognized.

The first gallery below are pictures of others being honored Saturday.

The next gallery is copies of every thank you certificate.  Those not able to receive them in person Saturday will receive them by email.


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And a final note:  THANK YOU!  Thank you to the artists!  Thank you to the kids!  Thank you to our guest performers!  Thank you to everyone who came!  Thank you to the committee of DIHS members and AGDI members or organized the event under the leadership of Valerie Miller.   And thank you to our co-sponsors…The Art Guild of Daniel Island and the Daniel Island Community Fund.