Tree DLHOA-1

Circumference: 8′

Canopy: 66′


Live Oak Society Member #7619

Tree DLHOA-2

Circumference: 24′ 9″

Canopy: 100′


Live Oak Society Member #7620

Tree DLHOA-3

Circumference: 13′

Canopy: 63′


Live Oak Society Member #7621

As part of our DIHS Live Oak Campaign, we have created adoption designation levels for each tree based on its circumference. Trees that are between 8′ and 12′ are ACORNS ($50 donation); trees between 12′ and 16′ are EVERGREENS ($75 donation); and trees 16′ and over are CENTENARIANS ($100 donation).

The minimum circumference requirement for registration with the national Live Oak Society is 8 feet.