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Bringing History Alive!

Bringing History Alive!

The first seeds for Daniel Island’s award-winning present day community were planted in the early 1990s by the Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation. The Harry Frank...

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Daniel Island Horticulture

Daniel Island Horticulture

Daniel Island has a long history of communities living off the land. Indians used items grown or made here to trade with Spaniards and other area settlers in the...

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Island History Briefs

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The foundation worked with the Daniel Island Development Company to carry out their mission of creating an island town that would become a vibrant, engaging, community-centered place to live, work and play.

In 1935, Harry Frank Guggenheim purchased his first parcel of land, some 10,000 acres, on the Cainhoy Peninsula. By 1955, he had added all of Daniel Island to his Lowcountry holdings. The noted industrialist and philanthropist used the land as a hunting retreat and also started a cattle ranching operation here.

In an effort to increase the number of recruits, the government promised freedom to those who enlisted. At least two members of the USCI, or “freedom fighters” as they were called, are buried on the island.

In a 1780 raid by British forces, cattle were driven off Daniel Island and a great deal of provisions were destroyed. By taking the island, the British were attempting to close off routes for rations into nearby Charlestowne.

Robert Daniell, a wealthy maritime trader, landowner, and military commander, is the island’s namesake. He lived on a plantation on the island in the late 1600s and early 1700s, and later became the Lt. Governor of the Carolinas in 1716.

Among the artifacts discovered on Daniel Island are some of the oldest Native American relics found in North America. Arrowheads and pottery shards dating back some 5,000 years ago, indicative of life among early Indian tribes on the island, make up this treasured collection.

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