Privately-Owned Trees

“The Hamilton Smith Oak”

1421 Wando View Street

Circumference – 20’9″

Canopy – 88′


Live Oak Society Member # 7522

Owned by

The Noell Smith Family

“The Resurrection Oak”

246 Beresford Creek Street

Circumference – 10’1″

Canopy – 55’8″


Live Oak Society Member # 7523

Owned by 

Ellie & Bob Sauer

In honor of young school children everywhere.

“Amore est vires”

100 Barnaby Street

Circumference – 13’4″

Canopy – 97′


Live Oak Society Member # 7606

Owned by 

Shana McCabe

To my children, Benjamin & Nathalie…May my love for them help them grow as big and strong as this tree.

“Thorin Oakenshield”

1462 Wando View Street

Circumference – 12’3″

Canopy – 94′


Live Oak Society Member #7601

Owned by

Anne & Michael Compton

“Be pleased by the green of its shining, its shadow on the ground and the sound of the wind in it” (amendment of a poem by Wendell Berry).